HVACR Services

“Our work goes from residential heating and cooling all the way to industrial refrigeration. We can put a heat pump in your home, service commercial walk-in coolers for restaurants and convenience stores as well as servicing recreational facilities such as ice rinks and curling clubs”


Industrial and Commercial

Ammonia Refrigeration

— “Acadia Refrigeration has deep roots in the agricultural sector of the Annapolis Valley.
Refrigerated storage facilities for vegetable and fruit crops.
Meat and fish production plants and pie facilities”
“Commercial and retail refrigeration project”
Includes working with natural refrigerants such as ammonia and CO2

Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Residential heat pump solutions —
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Residential geothermal heat pump —
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Affiliation with Efficiency Nova Scotia —
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Affiliation with Nova Scotia Power heat pump program —
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24/7 Service

Certified refrigeration technicians available 24/7


Specializing in wineries, craft beer breweries, cider distillers and custom built chillers